Social Media Terms of Use

Social Media Terms of Use


Salin Bank has its own Facebook page!  We have created this page to connect with you and hope to provide a community for discussions about Salin Bank products and services, increased financial literacy, and deeper community involvement.

Salin is a family-owned, community bank.  As with any family, we believe respect, good manners, and courtesy are important.  In order to create the best community for you, we ask that you keep the following guidelines in mind as you connect with Salin on Facebook.

We promise to…

  1. Moderate and monitor: We reserve the right to remove any postings we believe violate these guidelines, are blatantly off-topic, or permanently hide posts from an individual who repeatedly violates these guidelines.  Any posts made on Salin’s wall will be monitored.
  2. Be available: Active moderation of the Salin Bank Facebook account will occur between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday with the exception of federal holidays.  Any concerns outside these hours of availability may be directed to our customer service department at 800-320-7536 or
  3. Inform:  Information and responses from Salin Bank will be accurate, relevant, and informative.   We respect your time and hope that everything we post will provide value for you.
  4. Create a community:  We not only allow you to post your questions, interact with others, and respond to our posts, we encourage it!  That being said, we cannot take responsibility for the content or opinions posted on our wall by users.  Please consider this information at your own risk.
  5. Connect with you: We view Facebook as additional way to deepen our relationship with friends of Salin Bank.  We promise to be responsive and connect with you as listed here.  Additionally, we may use content posted on our Facebook, other social media channels, or for other purposes.  By posting to our Facebook page, you acknowledge you grant Salin Bank the right to use posted content in any manner or media.

We promise to hold up our promises to create a great Facebook experience.  As such, we also have some do’s and don’ts for our community.


  • Be family appropriate:  We please ask that you keep language clean and do not post any pornography, illegal content, or offensive content.  This includes images, texts, links, and user names.   Use your best judgment and be respectful and responsible.
  • Be reasonable: Our Facebook is not your personal soapbox.  Please do not use it as a forum to vent your frustrations, rant, or bore members.  If you have an issue with Salin Bank or any of its services, products, or employees, we would like to know about it and help make it better.  We respect your right to post, but encourage you to contact us directly at 1-800-320-7536.
  • Protect Your Information:  Salin representatives will never ask for any confidential information over social media.  In order to maintain the security of your personal and financial information, never post any information you do not want to be publicly available, such as your Social Security Number, online banking user name and password, or your debit card number.
  • Participate and engage:  As a social media community, we encourage all our members to actively join in the conversation.  Ask questions of Salin and the community, provide answers, like, comment, and share as you wish.  Remember, you’re responsible for all posts from your name and participate at your own risk.
  • Comply with Terms of Use:  By liking our page and participating on our page, you are indicating you have read and comply with Facebook’s Terms and Conditions and Salin Bank’s full Terms of Use that govern use of this site and other Salin Bank communities.


  • Spam:  Posting a comment or note more than once does not add any value.  Also, if something has been deleted, please do not repost it.
  • Use Facebook for transactions:  Our Facebook is intended to be a community building tool—not a banking tool.  Please visit the website or contact your Salin Bank representative to conduct any bank business.
  • Post inappropriate material: Post content promoting, suggesting, or encouraging gabling, firearms/weapons, illegal drugs, prostitution, pornography, nudity profanity, violence, use of alcohol or tobacco, obscene, indecent, defamatory, libelous, slanderous and/or unlawful content, content that infringes upon, or otherwise violates, the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity or other personal or proprietary rights and other prohibited content.  Content that is deceptive or fraudulent; hateful, or other discriminatory, disparaging or denigrating content, whether directed at an individual or a group, and whether based upon race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, political orientation, national origin, citizenship, ancestry, marital status, veteran status or mental or physical disability or condition; content that disparages, denigrates, or uses adversarial or confrontational tactics to impact a product, service, person, industry, or organization including, but not limited to, Salin Bank, or other Site users; confidential information that violates any obligation of confidentiality; any viruses, spyware, malware, or other malicious components that are designed to harm the functionality of a computer in any way; or content inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions.