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Avoid Fraud: Monitor Your Accounts

December 05, 2018

Payment fraud happens when someone uses information from your checks, credit and debit cards, or any other form of payment without your knowledge to commit fraud or other crimes. But this, and other forms of identity theft, can be avoided if you know how to protect yourself. 

CardValet App

One easy way to safeguard your accounts is to use our CardValet mobile app. CardValet® allows you to turn your debit cards "on" or "off" anytime. When they’re “off”…no one can use your cards. Turn them “on” when you’re ready to use them:

  • Helps safeguard your cards from fraud
  • Lets you define areas where your card can be used
  • Limit purchase by the type of merchant 
  • Set limits on the dollar amount
Learn more about/download the CardValet app, or watch a video.
More ways to avoid being a victim of payment fraud

Don’t make it easy for criminals to steal your personal information. Here are some more common sense tips to protect your identity:

  1. Balance your checkbook, and verify all account and credit card statements as soon as they arrive.
  2. Keep all checks, credit and debit cards in a safe place.
  3. Don't leave outgoing checks or paid bills in your mailbox, and report lost or stolen items immediately.
  4. Don’t write PIN numbers on your credit or debit cards, or leave them in your wallet for a thief to find.
  5. Use a paper shredder to securely dispose of any documents containing personal information.
  6. Make online purchases only from trusted Web sites. If you have questions about a company, you can check them out with the Better Business Bureau.
  7. Consider paying all your bills electronically with online bill pay. This method is considered more secure than mailing paper checks.

Reducing your risk of identity theft starts with protecting your personal information. Keep it from getting into the wrong hands. Always be diligent about protecting your identity.

If you suspect fraud

If you suspect fraud, please call us immediately at 800.320.7536.