Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Salin Bank and Trust Company is a family-owned, Indiana-based bank and wealth manager doing business where our clients live. Being local means we intimately understand our community, its needs, and the financial goals of our clients. Our solutions are customized to each client and based on three sensible, straightforward principles.

Long-Term Vision

We bring the strengths, values, and culture of our successful, family owned business to our relationship with you. Our firm’s history of sound, strategic decision-making is founded upon a long-term vision, not short-term motivations. The same principles that guide Salin Bank’s success and decision-making allow you to achieve your specified goals.

Objective Advice

We serve as independent fiduciaries, stand accountable for our results, and pride ourselves on providing completely objective advice. Our clearly defined, conflict-free products and services will give you confidence that our goal is to create the best plan for you, not the most profitable one for us.

Investment Strategy

Our unique RiMMS® (Risk Managed Multiple Style) investment strategy is subtly but significantly different from traditional approaches to asset allocation. Rather than relying on traditional allocation models, your customized Salin Bank portfolio attempts to more closely match the estimated volatility of a portfolio to your risk tolerance. This approach helps you more confidently sail through turbulent markets.