Interest First CD

Open this CD and we'll pay your interest first!

Earn up to 2.15% APY*! 60-month term.

Salin Bank’s Interest First CDTM is a brand new idea in saving, and is available in Indiana only at Salin Bank. Our Interest First CDTM not only offers a great rate, but when you open this certificate of deposit, you’ll get your full earned interest up front!
With a $10,000 CD and an active Salin Interest Checking account, you’ll receive $1,075 in interest – to reinvest, save, or spend on anything. Deposit $250,000 to get $26,875* to use as you wish.
This is a limited time offer. So stop by a Salin Bank location and open your Interest First CDTM today.

*2.15 Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for customers with an active Salin Bank Interest Checking Account, 2.00 APY for customers without an active Salin Bank Interest Checking Account. APYs are accurate as of 07/01/2017 and subject to change without notice, applies to a 60-month term. Account is limited to consumer accounts; business and public funds deposits are not permitted. Minimum $10,000 deposit. Multiple CDs are permissible; however, the combined amount cannot exceed $250,000 per taxpayer identification number. This account will pre-pay the calculated interest amount to be earned over the 60 month term on the fifth business day after the account opening date. The pre-payment of interest is payable on collected funds only. This certificate will automatically renew to a traditional 60-month CD, with interest compounded annually. Penalty for early withdrawal. Partial withdrawals are not permitted. If applicable, CD account holders who close their Salin Interest Checking account during the term of this account, may be charged up to a .75% APY interest penalty on this CD account, in addition to any early withdrawal penalties. Due to the pre-payment of interest, this CD is subject to the IRS Original Issue Discount (1099-OID) rules. Please consult a tax professional. See account disclosures for complete details. This offer is for a limited time only and may be discontinued without notice.