Money Market Account

Money Market Account

Any way you look at it, a Salin Money Market account is a great place to park your extra funds. It gives you the stable growth of an investment account, with the flexible withdrawal options of a savings account. 

Because we believe your savings should suit your life, we make it easy to open a Salin Money Market account. There’s no need to open additional accounts, sign up for extra services or make a minimum number of withdrawals. And when you do need convenient cash flow, you can make up to six withdrawals each month.

As a family-owned, community bank, we created Money Market accounts to meet our customers’ needs. Like everything else we do, a Money Market account is another way we believe you can make the most of your money.

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Balance Tier
Available Daily Balance
Standard APY Promo
Less than $10,000.00 0.12% 0.47%
$10,000-$49,999.99 0.17% 0.52%
$50,000-$99,999.99 0.25% 0.60%
$100,000-$499,999.99 0.75% 1.10%
$500,000-$999,999.99 1.50% 1.85%
$1,000,000 or greater 1.50% 1.85%

* Salin Money Market is a variable rate savings account; the minimum deposit needed to open the account is $10,000.  Interest rates and Annual Percentage Yield (APYs) may change at any time without notice.  Rates are tiered based upon account balance and may vary.  Business Money Market rates vary. This account allows six free withdrawals per month, including withdrawals made by ACH, Telephone, Internet, Online Banking, Mobile Banking, checks or wire transfers.   $10.00 fee per additional withdrawal. $15.00 monthly fee if minimum monthly average balance falls below $10,000.   Standard Rates, Promo Rates and APYs listed in the grid above are accurate as of October 5, 2018.  To obtain the additional promo rate of .35% APY to the standard tier rate requires a minimum opening deposit of $10,000 in new money (funds not currently on deposit) at Salin Bank.  This additional .35% APY promo rate is guaranteed for a minimum of 9 months after account opening. Only one promo rate guarantee per customer tax identification number.  Salin Bank reserves the right to amend or cancel this promotional offer at any time.  Fees may reduce earnings.  See banker or call 1-800-320-7536 for additional details.