Positive Pay Services

Positive Pay Services

Get Better Control Over Your Disbursements

Positive Pay is a fraud prevention service that protects you against altered or forged checks from clearing your account. This check verification service assists in creating, transmitting and researching check records that you send to Salin Bank via our Business Online Banking portal. Salin Bank will monitor checks processed for payment against your account, alert you of discrepancies and allow you to reject unauthorized transactions before losses occur.

How It Works

A list of checks that your business issues are transmitted to Salin Bank when you disburse them. As checks are presented to the bank, our Positive Pay matching and validation service quickly identifies those that are inconsistent with the data you provided. Exception notification emails with images of any exception or suspicious items are forwarded to you for review and approve or reject the transaction via our Business Online Banking or Business Mobile Banking portal. In addition, Positive Pay provides a database of all transactions you send along with the capability to produce an account reconciliation file whenever you choose.


  • Reduced disbursement risks.
  • Easy file creation allows you to import, review and reject any unauthorized transactions.
  • Protects business accounts from check fraud.
  • Enhanced productivity by saving time and money via automated account reconciliation capability.
To learn how Salin Bank’s Positive Pay Services can benefit your business, call 800.320.7536, ext. 8035 or email treasury.management@salin.com.