Zero Balance Accounts

Zero Balance Accounts

Zero Balance Accounts

Optimize Your Cash Flow

Businesses typically use several checking accounts for making deposits and payments. With Salin Bank’s Zero Balance Account, you no longer need to manually transfer funds into or from multiple accounts. Instead, automatic transfers are made to and from your primary (or master) account to cover all of your daily activity, returning your account balances to zero. Zero Balance Accounts can be used to segregate transactions for payroll, disbursements, receivables, or multiple store locations, making it easier to reconcile those transactions separately while also keeping those funds all together in the master account at the end of the day.  

How It Works

Each day, debits and credits accumulate in your Zero Balance Account as checks clear or deposits are posted. At the close of the business day, funds are automatically transferred to/from the primary checking account to/from the Zero Balance Account, bringing its balance back to zero. As long as the master account is properly funded, the sweep function eliminates the possibility of overdrafts.



  • Identifies transactions and balances by account, division, or subsidiary.
  • Reduces administrative expenses.
  • Streamlines banking and simplifies funds management.
  • Improves control of your funds. 
  • Eliminates excess balances.
  • Optimizes cash flow.
  • Creates monthly detailed statement for each account.
To learn how Salin Bank’s Zero Balance Account services can benefit your business, contact a member of our Treasury Management team today at 800.320.7536, ext. 8035 or