Information Management

Information Management

Business E-Banking & E-Statements

When you own a business, you want banking services that are convenient and available when you need them. Salin Bank’s online services simplify your banking needs by providing 24/7 access to your accounts, 365 days a year. Not only will you be able to manage all of your accounts online and in one place, but you'll never have to worry about getting your information mixed up or your numbers crossed. Click here to learn more about Business E-Banking.

Security Tokens verify your identity in two ways. Every time you log in to Business E-Banking, the Bank identifies you, and it lets you identify the Bank. Click to watch and learn about Security Tokens.

Business Mobile Banking

Bank on the go with Salin Bank’s Business Mobile Banking! The app is free to download and gives your business fast and easy access to your business bank accounts. Check balances, pay bills, transfer money, and locate ATMs and banking centers with just a touch of a fingertip.

Zero Balance Accounts

Like many businesses, you may use several checking accounts for making deposits and payments. With Salin Bank’s Zero Balance Account, you no longer need to make deposits into multiple accounts or transfer funds into multiple disbursement accounts. Instead, automatic transfers are made to and from your primary (or master) account to cover all daily activity, returning your disbursement account balances to zero. Excess balances are eliminated, which lets you optimize your cash flow. At the end of each month, a detailed statement is created for each account. Click here to learn more about Zero Balance Accounts.

Account Reconcilement

Reconciling accounts can be a tedious and oftentimes inefficient process. With Salin Bank's Automatic Account Reconcilement services, you can quickly export, sort, and print your transaction activity in the format you want to make manual reconcilement easier and more efficient. Click here to learn more about Account Reconcilement.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Reporting

With EDI Reporting, we provide daily reports that detail any remittance information that was received with your electronic payments. Electronic payment information (ACH addenda file) are supplied by your trading partners - such as the payor, account/invoice numbers, payment and discount amount, terms, or other industry specific information. Click here to learn more about EDI Reporting.

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