Kokomo: City of Firsts


Kokomo, Indiana, is a city of firsts. America’s first car was produced in Kokomo by Elwood Haynes in 1894. Other pioneering inventions include the first canned tomato juice, which was created in 1928 by Walter Kemp and Kemp Brothers Canning Co. Kokomo also is home to the first mechanical corn picker, developed by John Powell in the early 1920s. More than a world-renowned automotive heritage and a history of technological inventions Kokomo has a thriving downtown that offers a wide variety of attractions, family friendly parks, unique art and glass studios, restaurants, places of historical interest, walking and biking trails, intercity bikeways, and summertime open-air concerts. Against this backdrop is Salin Bank. We invite you stop one of our Kokomo banking centers and see what we’ve got in store for your banking needs.