Walk-Across-The-Hall Commercial Lending the Salin Way

September 08, 2016 • Author: Sally, Salin Bank blog team

Sal: Matt, what’s the climate you’re seeing in commercial lending today?
Matt: Business growth is definitely picking up its pace in - and especially around – Indianapolis, and there’s been continued growth in construction and development. Salin Bank is positioning themselves in the market and talking to businesses that we see is a good fit and also those that see Salin Bank as a place to do business.  There is a lot of opportunity and great demand within Indianapolis and deals are becoming more competitive.
Sal: I see from your profile that you’re still doing some work in small business lending, and now you’re focusing on commercial. Has that been satisfying?
Matt: What I like about working in both types of business lending is that I’m really more of a consultant or trusted advisor than a lender.  Working at Salin Bank provides me with an opportunity to tell a story to business owners or leadership on what separates us from our competition.  When I look at a business where I helped put together the financing for their first building, lines of credit or other means, I understand what that means to their growth as a company.
Sal: In commercial lending, would you say there are advantages that Salin, as a family-owned community bank, has?
Matt:  Yes, Larger institutions might refer the customer to another department, probably in another city. The customer calls, leaves a message, then must wait for a response. With Salin, everybody is local. I can walk across the hall, get the right name, and put the customer in immediate touch with precisely the right person.  The physical proximity here in one building makes crossing lines of business an everyday convenience.
Sal: Do you work with the Small Business Administration?
Matt: Yes, Salin is a SBA Preferred Lender, which means that we can internally approve SBA loans quickly, in fact, rivaling the speed of conventional loans (SBA loans might otherwise take four to five weeks to get approved). In addition, to Salin providing SBA 7a loans, we also use other credit enhancement programs such as SBA Express and SBA 504 loans.
Sal: Are there commercial loans that are short term?

Matt: C&I (Commercial and Industrial) loans are made to a business with needs of working capital, inventory, or furniture fixtures and equipment.  These terms are generally 5 years or less and not involve real estate.  Real Estate transactions tend to be long term investments.
Sal:  Seems as if the watchword here at Salin is “local”, because, from what you’re describing, that means speed and convenience.
Matt:  Not only speed and convenience but the way we do business.  What I mean by that is doing business the way our clients expect us to do business is being responsive to their business needs.  Making sure that when they need us the turnaround time meets their expectations.