Salin Takes The Personal Approach in the Fintech World

July 26, 2016 • Author: Salin Bank

“The media headlines charting fintech’s progress in just the past year might even have you think that the end of traditional bank models is here. But that assessment is dead wrong,” reports the Huffington Post. “Banks vs. fintech? No contest, banks win.

When it comes to fintech, we’re proud to say, Salin is there with a flair.

Mobile banking

As our customer, using any web-enabled mobile device to access Salin Mobile, you can (from wherever you are):
  • check your account balances
  • transfer funds between accounts
  • deposit checks
  • pay bills
  • create images of checks
  • obtain transaction histories and account summaries
Our bank is very much on trend, it appears. In 2015, according to Tanya Andreasyan of banking, there were 1 billion mobile banking users; by 2020 that number will have doubled.

Online banking

Salin Bank’s online services offer 24-hr., seven day a week, year-round access to your accounts, 365 days a year. With our online banking, you can:
  • manage account balances, transactions and history
  • transfer funds
  • perform a data export with Excel® and QuickBooks®
  • access e-statements and historical account statements
  • manage alerts

Video tellers

Consumers who prefer to connect with the bank through a live person, rather than connecting online or through ATM transactions are reaping fintech benefits as well.  Knowing that people today want and need to reach us at all hours of the day, we became the first financial institution in Indiana to offer Salin Live Teller, an interactive video teller system. Live Teller can:
  • dispense cash (to the penny, unlike ATMs)
  • process loan payments
  • take deposits
  • cash checks
Simply walk up to the machine, tap the screen, and voila! A real Salin Bank employee, located at one of our Indiana locations, appears on the monitor to assist you in real time. Our video teller terminals are particularly useful to our hearing impaired customers, allowing Sales and Service Representative Nathalia Quiros to communicate with them through sign language!
Again, Salin is ahead of the curve in a growing trend.  According to, while only 10% of banks have already deployed a video banking service, by 2017, 50% of banks will be in some stage of launching video banking.

At Salin, we continue to incorporate financial technology solutions in:
  • commercial real estate lending
  • business loans
  • agricultural lending
  • remote deposit
  • fraud protection
  • health savings accounts
  • treasury management
  • wealth management
So, is fintech crowding out that familiar, old-fashioned, in-person, relationship banking we all still crave? Not in the least. Our goal – pair the best of the old with the best of the new, listening to our customers and taking steps to meet their banking needs.  
As a family-owned, Indiana community bank, our approach will always be personal.