Salin Bank - Locations - Galveston, Indiana 46932

Growing your money in Galveston has never been easier. The Salin Bank banking center in Galveston, Indiana, offers a full banking center ready to serve you during the daytime hours, as well as a night deposit box and an ATM for customers who may not operate on regular business hours. We also offer safe deposit boxes to protect your assets and precious items. Come visit Salin Bank today and let Salin Bank’s banking team show you what we have to offer.


435 South US 35
Galveston, IN 46932

Phone: 574-737-2630
Fax: 574-699-6520

Lobby Hours:
M-Th 9:00-5:00
F 9:00-6:00

Drive Up Hours:
M-Th 8:30-5:30
F 8:30-6:00
S 9:00-12:00

Banking Center:
Safe Deposit Box:
Night Depository: