You have unique financial needs and goals. That is why standard “one-size-fits-all” solutions just won’t do. We work together with you to develop a personal investing strategy designed to achieve your objectives within your risk preference. Proven investment concepts are used to create your customized portfolio.

  • Asset allocation is the pre-eminent determination of return.
  • Diversification is the pre-eminent risk control.
  • Risk and return are directly related: Focus on risk.
  • Valuation matters.
  • Controlling costs is important.
  • Core-satellite portfolio construction is highly effective.
  • Developing a relevant Investment Policy Statement is key to effective monitoring and communication.
At Salin Bank, we’re committed to helping you reach your financial goals. Whether you’re just starting your career or nearing retirement, we’ll provide the one-one investment guidance, along with carefully selected investment solutions, to help you prepare you for the future.

Please call 800.320.7536 for additional information or to speak with an experienced Wealth Management financial advisor. Review your retirement savings with our calculator.

Trust and Investment products are:
  • NOT FDIC Insured
  • NOT GUARANTEED by the bank
  • Subject to risk and may lose value