Mortgage Loan Originator Unique Identifiers:


NMLS # Full Name Title Location
713218 Ammie Avalle Retail Office Manager Walton
945389 Leann Ayres Financial Specialist Delphi
713212 Brian Balmer Sales & Service Officer Creasy Lane
713171 Kay Bauer Bank Sales Officer Kokomo 
713167 Brandon Beck Bank Sales Officer Flora
713172 Angela Berry Bank Sales Officer Logansport
985895 Jodi Blackburn Assistant Manager Marion Northwest
733037 Susan Bournique Assistant Manager Gas City
836360 Colby Boyce Financial Specialist Eastgate
900916 Angela Brewer Sales & Service Representative Creasy Lane
713168 Christopher Buchs Sales & Service Officer Lima Road
1094606 Stephen Bucklin Sales & Service Manager West Lafayette
713165 Belinda Buffum Bank Sales Officer Galveston
965385 Jason Burns Assistant Manager Marion Downtown
1148313 Jessica Busch Assistant Manager Delphi
713173 Amanda Champion Sales & Service Officer Georgetown
546206 Debra Clark Mortgage Consultant Indianapolis
987399 Melanie Cockerham Financial Specialist Columbus Downtown
427388 Christy Collins Sales & Service Representative Lima Road
591174 Dawn Couse Sales & Service Representative Fishers
503148 Liz Davis AVP, Business Development Officer Indianapolis
1127134 Michael Davis VP, Mortgage Consultant Indianapolis
713193 Dorenda Day Financial Specialist Rocky Ford
907002 Brittany Diebolt AVP, Bank Sales Officer Columbus Downtown
562379 Dorothy Dodd Mortgage Consultant Indianapolis
965386 Michael Edmundowicz VP, Credit Officer Indianapolis
909494 Kali Elizalde Sales & Service Representative West Lafayette
713174 Jonathan Elkins VP, Business Development Officer Lafayette Downtown
1133506 Matthew Fields VP, Business Development Officer Indianapolis
839321 Sandra Flora Mortgage Consultant Flora
1176754 Kecia Foote Sales & Service Representative Georgetown
867540 Richard Gardner Mortgage Consultant Columbus Downtown
713175 Robert Golding AVP, Bank Sales Officer Marion Downtown
1176753 Bradley James Sales & Service Manager Fort Wayne Downtown
591184 Douglas Kelham Bank Sales Officer Fishers
439391 Johanna Koons Assistant Manager Columbus Downtown
713217 Thomas Lannan Vice President and Sales Manager of Mortgage Division Indianapolis
713178 Justin Libey VP, Business Development Officer Fort Wayne Downtown
713219 Sally Markham Retail Office Manager Eastgate
563356 Stacy Marsh Sales & Service Officer Indianapolis
713170 Tyler Nickerson Bank Sales Officer Rocky Ford
1094605 Lorenzo Olivo Sales & Service Manager West Lafayette
713199 Maricela Orozco Sales & Service Representative Braddock
744630 Josh Read Sales & Service Officer Braddock
713180 Andrew Rummel VP, Bank Sales Officer Lafayette Downtown
713181 Stacy Sample Bank Sales Officer Gas City
713203 Yolanda Sampson Financial Specialist Gas City
1148314 Maggie Scholl Assistant Manager Flora
1104041 Shirley Scott Sales & Service Representative Lima Road
836361 Mary Ann Smerdel Bank Sales Officer Lafayette Downtown
713204 Micah Smiley Financial Specialist Edinburgh
1147531 Kathryn Sowder Financial Specialist Delphi
157607 Thomas Stayer Mortgage Consultant Indianapolis
1112153 Sarah Steffen Sales & Service Representative Fishers
713205 Tracey Steinsberger Financial Specialist Kokomo Downtown
713184 Krystal Thompson VP, Bank Sales Officer Fort Wayne Downtown
713182 Karen Turner Financial Specialist Marion Northwest
502998 Frank Whelan VP, Business Development Officer Indianapolis
713210 Robert White Mortgage Consultant Lafayette Downtown
713183 Rebecca Wilhelm Bank Sales Officer Edinburgh

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