Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Certificates of Deposit are a smart component of any savings portfolio and an excellent way to earn a fixed and dependable rate of return on your money. Salin Bank understands that every client has special financial circumstances, goals and objectives, which is why we offer a broad range of CD offerings. A Salin Bank representative can help you choose a CD option that works best for you.


Certificates of Deposit

TermMinimum DepositCompoundingRateAnnual Percentage Yield
3 Month$1500Maturity0.07%0.07%
6 Month$1500Maturity0.11%0.11%
8 Month $1500Maturity0.11%0.11%
12 Month $1500Annually0.22%0.22%
18 Month$1500Annually0.25%0.25%
24 Month$1500Annually0.30%0.30%
30 Month$1500Annually0.35%0.35%
36 Month$1500Annually0.45%0.45%
48 Month$1500Annually0.60%0.60%
60 Month $1500Annually0.80%0.80%
25 Month $1500Annually1.25%1.25%
49 Month $1500Annually1.75%1.75%

Rates are effective 5/22/2017 and are subject to change.
Substantial penalty for early withdrawal.

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