The APR is a variable rate based on the Prime rate plus or minus a margin and can change monthly, but will never be more than 25%. This rate includes a .25% discount for automatic payments from a deposit account. Your actual APR may be higher based upon your credit score and combined loan to value. There is no annual fee the first year, then $79 per year thereafter. If the account is terminated within 36 months of the contract date, we will add a fee equal to $400 or 2% of the outstanding principal balance, whichever is less.

Home Equity Lines of Credit

Your home is an investment in your future. With a Salin Bank Home Equity Line of Credit, you can make home improvements, pay for unexpected expenses, or finance a college education for your children. Salin Bank offers flexible and competitive rates, along with one-on-one guidance to help you fund your dreams. Contact Salin Bank to learn more about a home equity option.