Payments & Disbursement Solutions

ACH Origination

If you’re looking for a safer and faster way to make and receive payments, then Salin Bank’s ACH Origination Service can help. You can initiate electronic transactions quickly, efficiently, and securely, with ACH transactions originated manually or via electronic import functionality. Click here to learn more about ACH Origination.

Zero Balance Account

Like many businesses, you may use several checking accounts for making deposits and payments. With Salin Bank’s Zero Balance Account, you no longer need to make deposits into multiple accounts or transfer funds into multiple disbursement accounts. Instead, automatic transfers are made to and from your primary (or master) account to cover all daily activity, returning your disbursement account balances to zero. Excess balances are eliminated, which lets you optimize your cash flow. At the end of each month, a detailed statement is created for each account. Click here to learn more about Zero Balance Accounts.

Positive Pay Services

Positive Pay is an efficient check verification service that protects your account from check fraud. You’ll be able to monitor checks processed for payment against your account and reject unauthorized transactions before losses occur. Any discrepancies are swiftly investigated and referred to you. Click here to learn more about Positive Pay Services.

ACH Debit Block Filter

Protect your company from the costly possibility of paying unauthorized ACH debit transactions with ACH debit block. This unique protection service enables you to specify which companies are authorized to post ACH debits to your accounts and automatically block those that are not. This highly flexible service also lets you to set dollar-limit ceilings, giving you total control of your funds.

ACH Debit Filter is a fraud mitigation service that can be used to review ACH debit and credit transactions posting to your account, allowing you to monitor and confirm the items on a case-by-case basis. Through the daily review process, simply return any ACH transaction that has not been authorized. Click here to learn more about ACH Debit Block Filter.



PayChoice is a simple and cost-effective solution to help businesses outsource their payroll functions. Using PayChoice, a national payroll software and service company, you’ll be to streamline your payroll, pay employees by check or direct deposit, calculate withholdings, track vacation time and sick days, perform detailed reporting, and much more. Click here to learn more about PayChoice.

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