Sweep to Loan

Optimize Earnings Potential of Your Business Funds

If you own a business, it’s likely your cash flow fluctuates from day to day. That’s why you need a banking service that automatically responds to those changing cash-flow needs. Salin Bank’s Loan Sweep product is a cost-effective way to maintain a target balance in your business checking account while minimizing borrowing expenses.

How It Works

Once you decide on a target balance to be maintained in your account, Loan Sweep then automatically advances on your line of credit when your checking account drops below that predetermined balance. Alternatively, it will use excess collected deposits into your checking account to pay down your line of credit.


  • Save money on your interest.
  • Never worry about overdraft fees on unexpected expenses you pay by check.
  • Minimizes short-term borrowing.
  • Increases efficiency.
  • Enhances debt and investment management.

To learn more about Salin Bank’s Loan Sweep can help your business, contact a member of our Treasury Management team today at 800.320.7536, ext. 8035 or treasury.management@salin.com.