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It’s Easy! – Just scan the checks you receive and they are automatically deposited into your Salin Business Checking account.

It’s Convenient and Saves you Money – You don’t have to make a trip to the bank to make your deposit before it closes!.

It’s Safe – The account data is encrypted for a secure transaction every time!  This is the best security for your business!Now you can make deposits without making a trip to the bank. With a check scanner and some easy-to-use software, Salin’s Remote Deposit lets you deposit checks from your office computer any time of day or night. With Salin Remote Deposit, you will enjoy extended cut-off times, have access to additional account information and improve your business banking efficiency.

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Remote Deposit User Guide - Download

Remote Deposit Install Instructions -Download

Call 800.320.7536 and talk with our treasury management team to see which product is right for your business.

  • Easy to use

  • More Convenient

  • Streamline Check Deposits

  • Save Time

  • Better Cash Flow Management

  • Keep Your Money in Indiana

Improve your receivables with Salin Bank’s Remote Deposit.  Salin Bank’s Remote Deposit allows you to deposit your customer’s checks quickly and conveniently right into your Salin Bank Business Checking Account 24/7.

With Salin Bank’s Remote Deposit – You can deposit checks safely from your business!



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