United Way

2012 -- United Way

Salin Bank’s number one philanthropic organization is the United Way. The United Way is an organization that operates nearly 1,800 community-based locations throughout the world. Their goal is to support various local organizations. The organization's focus is on families and individuals so that they can achieve their highest potential through education, income stability, and healthy living. 

To do so, they need the help of people and organizations, such as Salin Bank, to raise funds. Each year, Salin Bank employees raise money to present to various United Way organizations throughout the state. The money that Salin employees raise goes directly to nine United Way organizations throughout the state. The Salin family then matches what the employees have raised, fifty cents on every dollar. 

Salin Bank employees raised nearly $50,000 to support United Way organizations throughout the state. The Salin Family match of $25,000 was given to personally-selected United Way organizations throughout Indiana. Each organization received a check from Salin Bank, as shown in the following photos.

In Central Indiana, the John H. Boner Community Center received a check for $10,500. The United Way of Central Indiana raised $40.6 million in their 2011 campaign and have nearly 100 agencies they support. They have served central Indiana for more than 90 years. 

The Salin Family also selected the Carroll County Food Pantry, a part of the Carroll County United Fund. A $500 donation was given to that organization. Carroll County Food Pantry was able to serve 7,553 people in 2011 alone.  

In Howard County, the Family Service Association, a part of United Way of Howard County, was selected to receive $2,000. Howard County’s United Way changed 35,114 lives in the 2011 campaign. They raised over $1.7 million and gained 116 new givers as well as 16 companies during their last campaign. 

The Tippecanoe Childcare Center received a check for $3000. The childcare center strives to provide the best childcare possible and meet the needs of each individual child. They are a part of the United Way of Greater Lafayette. This United Way currently has a total of 23 agencies they are partners with.

The next check was presented to Human Services of Johnson County for $1,000. They are a part of the United Way of Johnson County which provides funding for 21 health and human service agencies along with 92 other programs within the community. Annually, they serve over 45,000 people. 

Su Casa of Columbus received a check for $1,000. Su Casa is an agency of United Way of Bartholomew County and supports more than 75 programs and helps more than 20,000 adults and children each year. They also recently received a $3.15 million grant from Lilly Endowment for Indiana Storm Relief and Recovery. 

The Fort Wayne Urban League was chosen to receive $2,000. The Fort Wayne Urban League is part of United Way of Allen County. This United Way location greatly varies who they help. From helping people obtain childcare that is affordable to therapy and independence-building activities for people with disabilities, the Fort Wayne Urban League is there. They help fund more than 60 services and initiative through 37 agency partners. Their last campaign raised $4.9 million and their 2011-2012 campaign has already raised $5.1 million. 

The Family Service Association in Marion, Indiana received $2,000. The organization assists people with needs by providing various services such as education, prevention, and consultations.  Family Service Association is a part of United Way of Grant County who supports 33 other programs as well. They have 14 agency partners that they help fund.  

The Cash County Salvation Army was given $2,000. The United Way of Cass County raised $607,835 in their last campaign, which was over their goal of $575,000. They have 10 member agencies they support annually. In 2011 alone, they accomplished 47 projects that were completed by 5,000 volunteers from the community.

Salin Bank is honored to be able to serve these Indiana communities.    We are excited to be able to help those in need and give assistance to people living right here in Indiana.  We want to help create, “A world where all individuals and families achieve their human potential through education, income stability and healthy lives,” as stated in United Way’s vision statement.