Charitable Giving

Giving back to those in need is something Salin Bank firmly believes in. That’s why we support charitable efforts that directly benefit local Indiana communities and the families who live there. Among the programs that Salin Bank supports: Habitat for Humanity, the local arts and efforts to help families of modest incomes realize the American dream of home ownership.

Salin Bank Teaches Financial Literacry at Local Elementary School

Our very own Andy Rummel, VP, Retail Relationship Officer, recently participated in Junior Achievement for a 3rd grade class at Woodland Elementary in Lafayette, IN. The students learned how a community works and how banking helps the community grow. The students also learned about what it’s like to be a business owner, the difference between needs and wants, taxes, and the importance of tracking individual financial activity. A huge ‘Thank You’ to Woodland Elementary for letting Andy Rummel and Salin Bank partner with you!


Image of Scholarship RecipientsSalin Foundation Announces 2016 Scholarship Recipients 
14 Scholarships Awarded Across Indiana

The Salin Foundation Community Scholarship Program has awarded $28,000 to 14 Indiana students who will begin a new semester at an Indiana university or college this fall. 

The program, now in its 16th year, is designed to assist the higher education needs of high school seniors from more than 22 eligible schools in communities served by Salin Bank. Scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement (a minimum GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0 is required), demonstrated leadership in school and community activities, and the education goals of the applicant. Each application is reviewed by individuals outside of the Salin 

Foundation. Officers and employees of Salin Bank are not eligible. Awards are made without regard to gender, age, race, religion, nationality, or disability.

The scholarship program is administered by Scholarship Management Services, a department of Citizens’ Scholarship Foundation of America (CSFA). CSFA seeks to involve and assist the private sector in expanding educational opportunities and encouraging educational achievement. CSFA processes and screens applications and designates recipients. Scholarship applications are available at participating schools and all Salin Bank locations.

Recipients of Scholarship Program:
Marion; Steavee R. Byer, Sarah A. Osborne, Columbus; Mikala L. Lain, Catherine M. Prall, Lafayette; Amanda R. Crowe, Kyle J. Walker, Carroll County; Alexa L. Gaines, Kolby D. Kinzie, Fort Wayne; Meghan E. Halaburdal, Kokomo; William H. Harris, Aubrey E. Whiteman, Logansport; Sophia E. Loposser, Walton; Derek A. Sullivan.


Taking Home Buyer Education on the Road
It begins with a dream. For Bruce Pettis, a single father of three boys living in a one-bedroom apartment, that dream was a home with a backyard for his children to play.

Pettis and countless others like him have been able to achieve their dreams through determination, education, and assistance from the Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership (INHP). Created in 1989, INHP serves as a non-profit home ownership resource in Marion County to help individuals with low, moderate, and middle incomes become and remain homeowners.Image of people standing in a kitchen

INHP employs an arsenal of resources to support the dream of home ownership, including homebuyer education programs, financial and mortgage advising, and affordable loan options. One of these initiatives occurred in August in which INHP held a Homebuyer Education and Neighborhood Home Tour as a way to introduce prospective first-time homebuyers to what it takes to own and maintain a home.

The all-day event, held Aug. 8, incorporated the traditional content of INHP’s homebuyer education class with a bus tour of local neighborhoods and available homes. For the second year, Salin Bank served as the sponsor of the event.
The day began with some 30 individuals attending classes taught by INHP instructors and industry experts, including real estate agents, mortgage professionals, contractors, insurance experts, and others who covered a variety of topics relevant for first-time home buyers. Participants learned about budgeting, credit reports, home insurance, home inspections, the mortgage application process, closings, and more. 

Image of people standing in front of a busDorothy Dodd served as one of the instructors for this year’s Homebuyer Education Class and Neighborhood Tour. As a mortgage consultant for Salin Bank, Dodd helps prospective customers - the majority of whom are credit challenged and first-time borrowers - more thoroughly understand the mortgage loan process from loan application to closing.
Dodd has special empathy for the men and women she serves in her job with Salin Bank. Growing up in a family of 11 in the small town of Gary, Indiana, Dodd experienced many of the same challenges her customers face in their home-buying journey. Money was hard to come by for Dodd and her family and the idea of better future often difficult to envision.

“When you come from this kind of background, you begin to believe there might be nothing better out there for you,” Dodd explains. “That’s one of the reasons why I’ve made it my mission for nearly 35 years to help what I call the underdog. I understand exactly what these individuals are going through.”

Seeing Is Believing

At the conclusion of the class portion of the 2015 INHP Home Buyer Education Class and Neighborhood event, attendees boarded a bus to tour available homes for sale in local Indianapolis neighborhoods. Homes on the tour included new construction, a rehabbed residence and a condo.

More than anything, the INHP event provided a hands-on learning experience for first-time homebuyers, giving them the opportunity to hear and learn one-on-one from industry experts and in a more intimate setting about the steps necessary to be a long-term successful homeowner.

Just as important, this year’s Homebuyer Education Class and Neighborhood Tour served to open a much-needed door to a world of possibilities for some hard-working families. Says Dodd:  “Home ownership is about the American Dream. What this day accomplished is to show people that with hard work, education, and faith there is a way to make your dreams come true. At the end of the day, it was a very rewarding experience for everyone involved.”

Holiday Food Basket Recipient Expresses Thanks

Image of a woman lying in bed

When Lachnwda Payton, 39, left the hospital in August, she was placed on hospice and needed 24-hour care. During discharge planning, her physical therapist and nurse expressed concern about her support system once she returned home.
"Don't you worry about her, she's got CICOA," said the social worker.
Payton was one of 200 CICOA clients who received holiday food baskets or gift cards on Friday, Dec. 13. Twenty-six volunteers from Salin Bank, Regions Bank, Boomers and Beyond, and CICOA board members accompanied staff to deliver the gifts.

Payton is diagnosed with lupus, Reynaud's disease and pulmonary hypertension, which have attacked her heart and lungs and left her on oxygen. The disease process and side effects of her medicines also have resulted in partial amputations of her fingers and thumbs and the removal of her teeth.
Payton lives with her two school-age children and her niece, who is her primary caregiver. Her sister lives across the street.

"Life is hard, but I'm happy to be here," she said. "And I am so grateful CICOA is here not only for me, but also for my niece and my family. We couldn't do it without you. CICOA helps me untangle my mess, which is what I call my life."
CICOA provides a home health aide five hours per day to assist Payton with bathing, dressing, grooming, transfers, ambulation and meal preparation. She also receives an additional 10 hours per week of attendant care to provide transportation to and from medical appointments.

"Being sick is hard work," she said. "Some people dream about going on a cruise. My goal each day is just to get out of bed, get dressed, go see my doctor, or go to church or the store. Simple things."
"My children are my lifeline," she said. "They make me fight to keep on living. I know I'm not your typical client and I can scare people. But there are a lot of others out there with disabilities like me. I'm still a parent, still a woman. I'm still here, and I matter."

September 14, 2013 -- Salin Banks sponsored the Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership (INHP) First-time Homebuyer class & bus tour. Fifty participates, all of Image of INHP signwhich are first-time homebuyers, took part in the event. The participants all received financial education Image of a class taking placeregarding budgeting, mortgage & financing process, qualifying, home maintenance, and other particulars. Salin Bank Crewmembers Tom Stayer and Tom Lannan taught the mortgage process component.
All participants had the chance to tour 6-7 homes in various communities around Marion County in Indianapolis market. There were additional experts present to provide insight including a realtor, appraiser, and home inspector. Participants are now better prepared to become & stay homeowners.
Salin Bank will be a participant in 2014 too!


Image of three girlsJune 8, 2013 -- This photo was taken in front of the Salin Bank Cash Cube with three girls who were attending the United North East Community Development Corporation Community Day.  The event was held at 3636 E. 38th Street, Indianapolis on June 8, 2013 and featured local vendors, music, games and prizes.  Salin Bank was proud to join the fun with the Cash Cube where participants had 15 seconds to grab as much cash as they could to be credited toward a new deposit account at the bank.  Bring on the smiles!