Charitable Giving

Giving back to those in need is something Salin Bank firmly believes in. That’s why we support charitable efforts that directly benefit local Indiana communities and the families who live there. Among the programs that Salin Bank supports: the United Way of Central Indiana, Habitat for Humanity, the local arts and efforts to help families of modest incomes realize the American dream of home ownership.
“Improving the communities where we live and work is a cornerstone of Salin Bank,” says CEO William N. Salin, II. “Our relationships with local community agencies are about the spirit of sharing and paying it forward. We’re able to give back in ways that make a true difference in the lives of those who are struggling,” he says.

Recently, crewmembers volunteered some of their time to help ensure that 100 families would have food during the Holidays.  Wal-Mart partnered with CICOA again this year to provide Holiday Baskets to clients in the Indianapolis area.  Volunteers for the project first met to assemble the totes and the next day was delivery.  While delivering these Holiday Baskets, crewmembers were able to spread some Holiday cheer, a gift in itself.


Salin Bank and Trust Company Scholarship Campaign 

April 18, 2014

The support of education in the state of Indiana is a core principle at Salin Bank & Trust Company.  According to President and CEO Bill Salin II, "We believe the future is dependent on the success of the next generation. By providing financial assistance to very worthy students in Indiana, we are helping a new generation succeed as they head to college.”
If you visited one our banking centers recently you were able to see this passion in action. During the recent college basketball championships we invited you to ‘vote’ for your favorite Indiana based college or university by filling out a paper basketball in support of your school of choice.  The goal of the contest was to award a $1,000 donation to the general scholarship fund of the school receiving the most votes bank wide.
It was a pleasure to witness the spirit of fun and friendly competition all in the name of education. At the conclusion of the contest your voice was heard in a big way for one lucky school – Indiana University! 
Thank you for allowing Salin Bank to continue our mission to brighten the future of Indiana youth through support of higher education.

Holiday Food Basket Recipient Expresses Thanks

When Lachnwda Payton, 39, left the hospital in August, she was placed on hospice and needed 24-hour care. During discharge planning, her physical therapist and nurse expressed concern about her support system once she returned home.
"Don't you worry about her, she's got CICOA," said the social worker.
Payton was one of 200 CICOA clients who received holiday food baskets or gift cards on Friday, Dec. 13. Twenty-six volunteers from Salin Bank, Regions Bank, Boomers and Beyond, and CICOA board members accompanied staff to deliver the gifts.

Payton is diagnosed with lupus, Reynaud's disease and pulmonary hypertension, which have attacked her heart and lungs and left her on oxygen. The disease process and side effects of her medicines also have resulted in partial amputations of her fingers and thumbs and the removal of her teeth.
Payton lives with her two school-age children and her niece, who is her primary caregiver. Her sister lives across the street.

"Life is hard, but I'm happy to be here," she said. "And I am so grateful CICOA is here not only for me, but also for my niece and my family. We couldn't do it without you. CICOA helps me untangle my mess, which is what I call my life."
CICOA provides a home health aide five hours per day to assist Payton with bathing, dressing, grooming, transfers, ambulation and meal preparation. She also receives an additional 10 hours per week of attendant care to provide transportation to and from medical appointments.

"Being sick is hard work," she said. "Some people dream about going on a cruise. My goal each day is just to get out of bed, get dressed, go see my doctor, or go to church or the store. Simple things."
"My children are my lifeline," she said. "They make me fight to keep on living. I know I'm not your typical client and I can scare people. But there are a lot of others out there with disabilities like me. I'm still a parent, still a woman. I'm still here, and I matter."

September 14, 2013 -- Salin Banks sponsored the Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership (INHP) First-time Homebuyer class & bus tour. Fifty participates, all of which are first-time homebuyers, took part in the event. The participants all received financial education regarding budgeting, mortgage & financing process, qualifying, home maintenance, and other particulars. Salin Bank Crewmembers Tom Stayer and Tom Lannan taught the mortgage process component.
All participants had the chance to tour 6-7 homes in various communities around Marion County in Indianapolis market. There were additional experts present to provide insight including a realtor, appraiser, and home inspector. Participants are now better prepared to become & stay homeowners.
Salin Bank will be a participant in 2014 too!


June 8, 2013 -- This photo was taken in front of the Salin Bank Cash Cube with three girls who were attending the United North East Community Development Corporation Community Day.  The event was held at 3636 E. 38th Street, Indianapolis on June 8, 2013 and featured local vendors, music, games and prizes.  Salin Bank was proud to join the fun with the Cash Cube where participants had 15 seconds to grab as much cash as they could to be credited toward a new deposit account at the bank.  Bring on the smiles!