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Welcome to Banking is Personal. This blog is a place where Salin Bank hopes to give you information you can use. Our goal is to arm you with resources and knowledge about mortgages, wealth management, business lending and other banking-related issues that affect you and your financial objectives.

Choosing a Bank for Your Business

By John Belden, Community President, Indianapolis on March 30, 2015

The bank you choose for your business is a critical decision – and one that can ultimately impact your bottom line. There are a number of questions to consider before making your final decision. Are the banking needs of your business simple and straightforward? Would a basic business checking and savings account be satisfactory? Or, do you need more in-depth banking services and products such as lines of credit, merchant services, and 401K plans for your employees?
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The Importance of Your Business Plan

By Frank Whelan, Vice President, Business Development Officer on March 23, 2015

Some people tend to think that creating a business plan is outdated and waste of precious time and energy. To the contrary, a well-written business plan - whether it encompasses one page or entails a multifaceted document - is an integral part of the success of your business.
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Branching Out - Finding the Best Bank for Your Business

By Amy Counts, Vice President, Business Development Officer, Columbus Downtown on March 16, 2015

Choosing the right bank for your business is an important part of your business plan. After all, your bank should be considered a partner in your future success and growth. The relationship you establish can last many years, so you need to be comfortable with the service and support your bank provides. 
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Do You Have Too Much House?

By Lynne Coverdale, Senior Mortgage Consultant, Mortgage - Indy on March 9, 2015

For most people, a home is one of their biggest assets. It's also one of their biggest expenses. That’s why at some point in life more homeowners are saying goodbye to living large and hello to smaller living spaces. 
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Growing Your Business

By Justin Libey, Vice President, Business Development Officer, Ft. Wayne on March 2, 2015

Saying you want to grow your business is one thing. Making that actually happen is a different story altogether. Almost every business, regardless of size, scope, or industry, shares the common vision of expansion and growth. And while there’s no surefire blueprint to guarantee success, incorporating a few simple ideas into your business plan may help put you on the right path. 
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